Graphis 2023.07.07 Gals Remu Suzumori 涼森れむ CRAZY ABOUT YOU! (Set 1-7, 140P)



年齢 /age:25

身長 /height:160cm

スリーサイズ /BWH:B87(F) W58 H85

趣味 /hobby:音楽鑑賞、けん玉 Music appreciation,Kendama

登場回数 /Number of shots:5



"Remu Suzumori", which is very popular in GRAPHIS, is back for the 5th time! A beautiful slender body with fair skin of F cup beauty big breasts to neat beauty looks more and more attractive! In this gravure, we will take a deep picture of her light and dark worlds! A must-see for the exquisite hair nude gravure that highlights the beautiful and sexy expression of the beautiful and obscene "Remu", the beautiful breasts of the F-cup with good shape, the fair-skinned beautiful buttocks, and the beautiful proportions of the slender legs!Is “Remu” with long hair rare? Take your time and enjoy!